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Prince Zuko/Asami Sato Parallels 

Both characters are known to belong in a high class society. Zuko was the prince of the Fire Nation while Asami is a member of the Sato Family (in the Avatar world, it is known that having a last name means you’re rich.) They are both in broken families and lost their mothers since they were children.  Zuko and Asami are both children of their respective series’ antagonists. Zuko and Asami both have defied their fathers after realizing their cruelty; Zuko realized this at the war meeting when Ozai plans to eradicate the Earth Kingdom by burning it to the ground while Asami realized Hiroshi’s cruelty after she found out that he is secretly making weapons for the Equalists (something she is against of) and that he blames ALL benders for the death of his wife. They also defied their fathers in using electric means; Redirecting Ozai’s Lightning and the Equalist Glove. Their fathers also almost tried to kill them.

 ZukoWell, that sweet innocent kid grew up to be a monster. And the worst father in the history of fathers. 

Asami: You really are a horrible father

By defying their fathers, they both got to join Team Avatar. (Zuko helping the Gaang to end the 100-year war and Asami helping the Krew save Republic City) 

Lastly, Zuko had to restore the Fire Nation’s honor while Asami has to restore the Future Industries’ Honor. (in which I will update this gifset once Book 2 comes out to illustrate that. )

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